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Cox Email Not Working: Causes and Solutions 2024

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If you think, ‘Why is my Cox email not working today?’ you are not alone. In fact, many people can face this issue, as this email service is not immune to glitches and other issues.

Therefore, we will tell you about the common causes that give birth to this problem, along with their solutions. The better you know them, the easier it will be for you to deal with this problem.

Besides that, we will also tell you about the fixes to the following steps:

  • Cox email not functioning on iPhone
  • Why is Cox email not working on Android?

So, reading this whole blog will help you deal with issues related to Cox email working problems.

Reasons Why Cox Email not Working:

The following are some of the most common reasons and the solutions to some of them:

1.   Poor Internet Connection:

If your internet connection is poor, Cox email can’t work properly. In fact, you must face issues accessing your Cox emails. Therefore, make sure your device is connected to a trustworthy internet network.

If you have a Wi-Fi system, reset your router and connect to a different network to solve this issue. As far as this issue on a mobile data connection is concerned, you must check your signal.

2.   Insecure Network Connections:

When your Cox email can’t establish a connection with the server, it will have issues. It happens due to insecure or inadequate networking connections.

3.   Firewall or Antivirus:

Poor firewall or antivirus settings can also lead you to face issues loading Cox webmail. However, it happens sometimes.

4.   Incompatible Device or Browser:

Due to browser or device issues, you may be unable to load or open your Cox emails.

5.   Installed Extensions or Add-ons in the Browser:

Sometimes, we install add-ons and extensions on our browsers with the hope to improve our experience. However, such extensions or add-ons can also become a reason for Cox email not working correctly. Therefore, you’d better turn them off.

6.   Unnecessary Cookies and Cache:

Sometimes, accumulated cookies and cache can create issues that can lead to your Cox email not working. To cope with this issue, clean up your browser’s cookies and cache to avoid such probable conflicts. After that, restart your browser and open your Cox email again.

7.   Temporary Account Suspension:

If you have gone against Cox Communications’ terms and conditions or your account seems spamming, it can lead to the temporary suspension of your account. If it happens, reach the support team for the solution.

8.   Improper Email Settings:

Due to incorrect email settings, your Cox email can’t work. Therefore, make sure that you have properly configured your email client or app with the correct Cox email server settings.

Check the incoming and outgoing server addresses once again. Besides that, recheck the port number and authentication settings. If you don’t find the solution, reach out to the Cox Communications support team.

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Other Ways to Fix Cox Email not Working:

The following are some other ways you can try to fix this issue:

1.   Verify the VPN Connection:

Sometimes, if your VPN is activated, you can face issues. Your IP address will be sent to the website from another country for security reasons. So, deactivate any VPN apps so that your Cox email can work properly.

When you fix this problem, you will sign in and use the various Cox email solutions.

2.   Input Correct Credentials:

Always input your email and password correctly. When you forget your Cox email password, you must reset your password.

3.   Turn off Antivirus:

When you install an antivirus app on your iPhone, your Cox email may not work on the iPhone. So, turn off the iPhone antivirus and use Cox email again.

How to Fix Cox Email not Working on Android?

An incorrectly configured email account can lead to the Cox email not working on Android issues. So, stick to the steps to configure your Cox email account properly:

  1. Open the email app on your Android device.
  2. For an account, reach Settings, then ‘Add Account,’ and after that, go to ‘Other.’
  3. Then, type in your email address and choose ‘Manual Setup.’
  4. Click on IMAP and type in the details like username, password, IMAP service, security type, and port in the incoming server settings page.
  5. After that, tap on ‘Next‘ and enter the information in the incoming server settings window.
  6. Thereafter, choose Email check Frequency after tapping on Next (every 15 minutes). Thereafter, click on ‘Done’ when you have given your account a name.
  7. Set up your Cox email account and make sure that the internet is running properly to check whether your problem is solved or not.
  8. It’s a must to ensure that your app is up to date. If not, update it.

How to Fix Cox Email not Working on iPhone?

If your Cox email doesn’t function on your iPhone, take the following steps:

  1. First, check the Wi-Fi and mobile internet connections on your iPhone.
  2. If your airplane mode is on, close it, and if it is on, turn it off. Moreover, ensure that your iPhone has enough storage space.
  3. Make sure that the POP/IMAP setup settings are correct. If you can’t access Cox email through IMAP, use POP.
  4. The POP settings are below to use Cox email on iPhone:
  • The incoming mail server hostname:
  • Entry port for mail: 110
  • SSL: nil
  • The outgoing mail server hostname:
  • Departure port: 25
  • Yes, signing in is necessary.

Reach the Cox email customer care team for support if the problem continues.


Why can’t I log into my Cox email account?

Many failed login attempts can compel the system to think your account is in danger, maybe a possible break-in. That’s why the system doesn’t allow additional login attempts. Doing so allows the system to block unauthorized access to an account. However, if your login fails after trying many times, tap on Forget Password?

Does Cox email use IMAP or POP? offers IMAP access to your Cox account, so connect to your email from a mobile device and desktop email client.


If you are facing Cox email not working issues, check your connection, clear cache, and cookies, turn off extensions and turn-ons, and the like. Doing such things can help you find your Cox email running properly.


Have you got any additional questions about the issues? There’s no need to look for the answers online if you can find them here.

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